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sweets, cakes...and dreams
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20th-Mar-2020 10:33 pm - Friends Only

My Journal is 5% Public and 95% F-Lock

♥ Interested in my journal, please leave a comment 
    (just to let me know that you drop by) and I'll definately add you ;)

Credit: angelsdeparted 
Kame cross eyed
I don't really have anything good to post about, and I'm still doing my updating on KAT-TUN and LJ friends.

But here are some pics, that I think would be nice to share :D

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2nd-Dec-2008 01:34 am - What makes my heart melt...?
It's 2 in the monrning, but I have to do this lol

this guy!
awww what's the matter Kouki? <3

btw elf_mirkwood  my love is unconditional :P
8th-Nov-2008 01:47 am - Do two guys kissing...turn me on? XD
I just watched the episode 7 of Gakko Ja Oshiereranai...and this time it's about MIzuki (Nakamura Aoi) being honest to his own feeling. He's actually gay (sadly, the only gay in the drama) and in love with his bestfriend. Up until this episode, 4 boys and 4 girls had finally get together, except, for Mizuki and Hitomi (Asakura Aki) poor Hitomi, she's in love with Mizuki, well it's like a love triangle here.
Anyway...Mizuki finally confessed his love to his bestfriend...and they...

chuu~~Collapse )
Anyway, I'm still enjoying this drama so much....and I just really want to say this
I SO LOVE JAPANESE GUY even when they're like high school boys lol so cute!!
and there's something going on between their teacher (Fukuda Kyoko) and the principal (Tanihara Shosuke), apparently the principal is not used to have girls around him lol how cute, now he's being stiff XD

The gang ( I love this pic)

Can't wait for the rest to finish download.

p.s I'm kinda struggling to finish Kouki clip now, most of the time, I always fell asleep, how much I wish I coud have more time, to rest and to do more stuff that I like, right now, I can only choose
I have been busy with work at the office, but it will only be a few more days, then I can relax a lil bit :D

 and also, can't wait for White Xmas, heard the preview...and oh so beautiful, my heart melt!
5th-Nov-2008 11:25 am - Happy Birthday to my ever #1

Too much drama going on in my life right now...and I am so ready to quit it, nothing is worth out of it, I just don't get how someone you trust could betray you. Anyway I have enough of it, I just want my life back as it was before lol

...I didn't manage to finish what I planned for Kouki's birthday :(

~ I will always be a fan <33
I couldn't even make a decent birthday pic :( 

My latest random pick Jdrama for now is....

Gakko Oshieranai! 

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16th-Sep-2008 06:43 pm(no subject)

Last night I had a dream about NAKAMARU...I hardly remember what was the dream about, but I woke up this morning with a warm heart <3
Jin twice XD Kouki once :( Maru once :D  ...............so who's next?

Anyway, some pics I want to share

Want to see some more?Collapse )
I'm a bit late...

....my prayers goes to Lee Eon's family and friends, it's so sudden that he left, I'm still in shock and sad. I will always remember him as it was when I'm loving Coffee Prince and Who are you, he showed so much promises as a younactor, but sadly life is too fragile...


Everything about it here

credit (pic) coffee_prince
28th-Jul-2008 08:30 pm - Culture Shock! TOKYO

Last week I borrowed this one book from the library CULTURE SHOCK! A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO CUSTOMS AND ETIQUETTE,
by Yuko Morimoto - Yoshida, which wrote interesting info points about Tokyo (my fave place in Japan :D).

So...since some of my F-list friends are going to Japan soon (Yeay!!) I'm sharing some of the informations (and it's just that I got nothing interesting to write about)...

30th-May-2008 08:04 am - a thing about Kouki...

First, last night, I officially finished my Intermediate 2, and next month I will be in the next level, so yey!! more to learn!!

Anyway...my Japanese essay speach is half way through, after my sensei did a correction on it...well she said it's exciting with a lot of grammar mistakes :P BUT she suggested me to write a more specific topic, because basiclly I wrote about why I like Japan and what influence me to study Japanese, and it's kinda too general and a lot.
As much as I wanted to write about KT, she again suggest me to write about other things ^^" like Jdrama, Manga or Anime, because she's afraid that not much people would be interested in KT (she meant the judges). So, I'm back to where I start,ed and I'm still clueless on what to write :(

For those who care or wonder (like me)....

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